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Photo by Jonathan Vivaas Kise


Flesh is a genderless fashion brand based in Oslo, Norway. we focus on pre-ordering to cut down waste by only producing as much as customers purchases.

introduction to the butcher

Hi, and welcome to the side of the world wide web where I introduce myself. 

My name is Malin Molden, I'm a millennial entrepreneur who adventured out on my own to foster my creative universe and brand called Flesh. In the following text I'll try and explain some of the origin story behind my company.

After 3 years of study at Esmod Oslo, I graduated in the spring of 2015, awarded "concept of the year" with my diploma collection called "Putin is the New Jesus of 2026", a political satire about my best friend, the Russian President. I thereafter wandered to London to intern, and after a short-but-sweet period in the creative capital that is London, I returned home, eager to start my own brand in Oslo.   


Knowing little to none about the works of the fashion industry, I jumped headfirst into the creation of my label, focusing on a brand concept and visual identity. With a longstanding tradition of "fucking up gender norms", London inspired me to focus on the genderless aspect of clothing, and Flesh was born in 2016. My motto behind every design is to celebrate every type of identity within gender. 

Why the name " Flesh "?

       Derived from the word "body tissue”- our baby Flesh - has a visual identity rooted in the meat industry (minus the aspect of actual blood, yuck), and we take huge inspiration in how food is packed, enjoyed and how it feeds the body - and how I sometime in the future would be able to feed the souls of future flesh customers with our funky and genderless products.  

I have created a brand language of my own, in inspiration to how we communicate about food and drinks, for example; 

our webshop is called WEBCHOP, the CEO is called the Butcher, interns are called sous-chefs -- all in attempt to create a different type of experience with are customers and social media followers. Sometimes it is a good laugh, sometimes it is confusing.

PR attached below ( articles are linked )

 XX, the butcher, Malin 

For other questions, please visit the Our Values page